Year In Review: Luxury Makes Material Moves

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Sourcing Journal
December 27, 2023

Here are some of the biggest collaborations in material innovation from 2023.

Stella McCartney trail-blazed the path toward next-generation materials in myriad ways. To showcase current cutting-edge or soon-to-be-available technologies, the eco-conscious British luxury house hosted an exhibition at COP28 in November, platforming the future of material innovation by highlighting 15 next-gen innovators, offering a glimpse at the sustainable materials poised to reshape and redefine the industry.

And one of those featured forerunners was the startup Keel Labs, a sustainable materials company addressing the highly polluting systems of textile production with aquaculture-based technologies.

“It’s our mission to transform the textile industry and the world by harnessing the radical potential of our oceans, and we can’t do it alone,” said Tessa Callaghan, co-founder and CEO of Keel Labs. “Bringing about change requires not only the development of biomaterials, but also policy, government support and direct action from global brands to bring them to scale.”

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