Leading a sea of change in the textile industry.

Keel Labs™ is a platform for innovation, broadening our vision for the potential of the ocean to accelerate our planet’s development towards a more sustainable future.

Our mission is to harness the potential of the ocean to transform the textile industry and the world.

About Us

As a sustainable materials company, our innovation is built on the premise of mirroring the natural efficiency of marine ecosystems. We believe that materials should be regeneratively grown, renewably sourced, and created without environmental harm.

This philosophy drove us to create Kelsun™ fiber, our flagship product. Kelsun is a fiber made from a seaweed biopolymer called alginate. By starting our process in the ocean, we remove the competition for arable land and the additives associated with it like harmful pesticides and fertilizers.

Textiles transformed,
with the power of the ocean.

Our beginnings

Keel Labs was founded by Tessa Callaghan and Aleks Gosiewski as design students, seeking a way to tackle the issue of textile waste in the fashion industry. They decided to create a solution to the fundamental root of the issue: the materials. With the belief that they could transform material science in collaboration with nature and community, Keel Labs was born.

Keel Labs, begun as AlgiKnit in 2017, officially became Keel Labs™ in 2022.

At the helm of material innovation.

Our Founders

A young woman with long red hair smiling and looking off camera to her left.

Aleksandra Gosiewski

Aleksandra Gosiewski is the Co-Founder & COO of Keel Labs. With a background in fashion design and economics, Aleks is driving the development of Keel Labs’ business and R&D operations to scale the production of Kelsun, the company’s flagship product. As a systems thinker, Aleks connects the dots between supply chain logistics, financial planning, and business development. Aleks is a Forbes 30 Under 30 member, a testament to her unique and pioneering perspective on the intersection of science and design.

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Tessa Callaghan

Tessa Callaghan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Keel Labs. With a background in design and innovation, Tessa is leading the global expansion and adoption of Keel Labs’ flagship product, Kelsun, a seaweed-based yarn. Working across the value chain, Tessa connects and aligns partners, brands, and manufacturers to achieve their sustainability goals and to transform the textile ecosystem.

As a Forbes 30 Under 30 member, Tessa is a thought leader in her space, bridging disparate fields to create innovative solutions at a global scale.