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About Kelsun

Kelsun™ fiber is seaweed-based and has a significantly lower environmental footprint than conventional fibers. Seaweed is one of the most regenerative organisms on our planet and absorbs carbon dioxide in the ocean, similar to trees on land. We create Kelsun using an abundant biopolymer found in seaweed, harnessing the renewable power of our ocean’s resources.

We pair seaweed’s biopolymers with green chemistry to create proprietary, drop-in solutions for existing yarn and textile production infrastructure. Our process is grounded in the use and creation of clean, non-toxic inputs and outputs, minimizing our footprint while maximizing the positive impact on our planet.

The end result is Kelsun, a bio-based material that can be used across the textile industry.

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100% Bio-Based
Kelsun is made from a biopolymer of seaweed, and is verified to be 100% bio-based.
Seaweed is one of the world’s most abundant, renewable, and regenerative resources, and is an active combatant against climate change, sequestering CO2 in the ocean as it grows.
Look and Feel
Kelsun is soft, smooth, and incredibly comfortable.
Kelsun has the look and feel of natural fibers that consumers know, with a significantly lower environmental footprint.
Plug and Play Solution
Kelsun is a drop-in solution that integrates directly within existing yarn and textile production infrastructure.
Our process is built for scale, fitting seamlessly into the yarn and textile value chain and offering a plug-and-play solution for brands and manufacturers alike.


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Seaweed & Harvesting

Our process starts with seaweed. We chose this raw material due to its versatility, resiliency, and wide-ranging ecological benefits. Seaweed is an active combatant against climate change, sequestering CO2 in the ocean as it grows. The seaweed we source is harvested under strict sustainability guidelines, complying with local harvesting calendars and quantities.


Biopolymer extraction & spinning solution prep

Our process continues with seaweed growers and processing partners across several coastal locations. The collected seaweed goes through an extraction process that separates the biopolymer that becomes the basis of Kelsun fibers. The extracted biopolymer is combined with proprietary additives and water to form a solution, called dope.


Fiber production (wet spinning)

At this stage, the process chemistry begins linking the polymer chains, forming thousands of fine filaments. These filaments are extruded into an aqueous solution and stretched to align their internal structure. A series of subsequent baths rinse and apply finish to the filaments prior to drying and spooling. The resulting material is then transformed into a staple fiber ready to begin the yarn spinning process.


Yarn production

Once Kelsun staple fiber is formed, it can be combined with other sustainable fibers, such as cotton or hemp. After blending, the staple fibers are drawn and spun into yarn that is ready for knitting or weaving!

Kelsun is
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