What to Watch: Down South, Textile Towns Reinvent Themselves

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January 24, 2023

It’s time to revisit the Carolinas. What were once storied textile towns in the southern U.S. are now material makers, broadening upon bio-based materials for fashion and more. And with a growing cluster of ethical manufacturers down south, Carolinians can once again wear their maker status with pride.

The quest to divest from polyester continues with Keel Labs (formerly AlgiKnit). The material innovator’s flagship product “Kelsun” — a seaweed-based yarn with a significantly lower environmental footprint than conventional fibers — looks to be a solution for fashion’s waste problem.

Keel Labs Co-Founder and CEO Tessa Callaghan’s aspirations are for Keel Labs to be an incubator for the next generation of climate-focused solutions. “Our work begins with fiber, but our responsibility does not end there. We are building a future in which sustainable materials harness the power of our oceans to span industries and applications, repairing humanity’s relationship with our natural ecosystems,” she said.

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