Keel Labs and Mr. Bailey Unveil Starboard Vest Made from Seaweed Fiber

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April 29, 2024

Keel Labs, a leader in sustainable textile innovation, and renowned product designer Mr. Bailey have launched the Starboard Vest, a novel garment exemplifying the use of biomimicry in design. Crafted from Kelsun™ – Keel Labs’ seaweed-derived flagship fiber – the vest showcases a 50/50 cotton blend and distinctive trapunto knit layers. This method allows the vest to mirror the buoyancy of life vests by inflating its structure, thereby paying homage to marine influences.

Mr. Bailey’s design philosophy, which often draws from natural forms and cycles, particularly marine life, finds a harmonious match in Keel Labs’ mission to revolutionize the textile industry with environmentally responsible materials. The collaboration allowed Mr. Bailey to push the boundaries of Kelsun, exploring its versatility and sustainability. Tessa Callaghan, Co-Founder & CEO of Keel Labs also remarked on the project’s innovative approach to integrating next-gen materials with the art of garment construction.

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