Biocouture: This is How Materials Are Produced in The Most Sustainable Way

Published by
Vogue Germany
November 3, 2022

Will we soon be wearing clothes made with the help of bacteria, fungi and algae? Lara Grobosch explains how biofabricated materials could change fashion.

The US company Keel Labs, for example, produces durable yet degradable seaweed yarns that can be used throughout the fashion industry and offer the usual quality of traditional natural fibers. The algae fashion from Keel Labs is not yet commercially available.

"We are in active discussions with some exciting brands and manufacturers to bring Kelsun to the world," says CEO Tessa Callaghan. “A key feature of our technology is the ability to be manufactured using existing yarn production processes and integrated into textile manufacturing infrastructure. This means Kelsun can scale quickly without having to build new supply chains from scratch.”

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