AlgiKnit Rebrands as Keel Labs in Mission to Become Leader in Sustainable Textiles

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Keel Labs
October 26, 2022

Today, Keel Labs™, formerly known as AlgiKnit, announces a full rebrand, created in collaboration with award-winning design firm, Pentagram, with a new name designed to reflect the company's mission and capacity to support a sustainable future at scale. The announcement includes an official name for the company's flagship product, Kelsun™, a seaweed-based yarn with a significantly lower environmental footprint than conventional fibers.

Founded as AlgiKnit in 2017, Keel Labs is a sustainable materials company addressing the highly polluting systems of textile production with aquaculture-based technologies. As Keel Labs, the company establishes itself as a platform for innovation, with future products that will broaden the potential of the ocean to accelerate the planet's development towards a more sustainable world. Driven by the exploration of novel resources from the ocean, Keel Labs will function as a hub for the next generation of climate-focused solutions derived from nature.

"The name Keel Labs encompasses our vision of ever expanding horizons, of our commitment to innovation and opportunity," said Keel Labs co-founder and CEO, Tessa Callaghan. "Our work begins with fiber but our responsibility does not end there. We are building a future in which sustainable materials harness the power of our oceans to span industries and applications, repairing humanity's relationship with our natural ecosystems."

Developed in collaboration with globally-recognized design firm Pentagram, Keel Labs' new name, look and feel is now rolling out across all platforms and materials.

"Keel Labs brings dynamic innovation to bear on the vast challenges we face on this planet. Consequently, they deserved a brand that feels both energetic and enduring," said Michael Bierut, Partner at Pentagram. "The overall visual presentation is simple, clear and sustainable. Our visuals celebrate the beauty of the natural environment that provides both the starting point and the inspiration for Keel's work."

By definition, a keel is the structural spine of a ship, from the bow to the stern, functioning to create balance between the ocean and to keep a ship's momentum moving forward. Choosing the term was an intentional nod to Keel Labs' connection to the sea, as well as a symbolic reference to the company's mission to serve as a leader in textiles, innovation, and sustainability overall.

"Our ultimate goal is to harness the potential of natural materials to transform the textile industry and the world," said co-founder and COO, Aleks Gosiewski. "We're looking to make waves with our products for a positive impact on the planet, and we also hope to inspire and encourage others in the space—a rising tide lifts all ships."

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